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Personal Excellence Trainer & Author Leon "The Encourager" Bullard teaches people under pressure how to control stress well and helps people shift bad habits and good intentions into achievable routines. He is the author of Triumph At Last: Insights to Help You Improve Your Health, Wellness, & Weight Control Habits Daily Without Losing Your Mind.

Metavive Excellence Training offers multiple forms of support for enhancing health and performance :

  • Self-improvement programs
  • Life coaching
  • Events

As a husband, father, company supervisor, business owner, top recreational athlete, community organization leader, and more, I understand how busy life can get. If  you are one of many people feeling constant stress from your daily routine, and especially if  you find ways to do more for others you care about and leave yourself last, then I am able to help you get such results as:

  • Relief from stress
  • Improved health
  • Boost in willpower
  • Enhanced energy
  • Better daily performance

And the better you become, the happier and more positive you feel, challenges seem less difficult to handle, fatigue fades away, and you gain a healthier and more productive routine to live by.

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What Others Are Saying

Leon is great! He is always positive and calm. He is good for always reminding me of my goals...he pushes me.
Aimee A.
If he senses there's a "block" of some sort, he talks me through options to overcome challenges I might be facing.
Kate W.
Leon was non-judgmental, kind, and helpful with getting me back on a fitness plan.
April Y.
Leon has been a joy to work with and know as a person. His professionalism and attention to detail was evident.
Tila C.
If you want someone who is both able and committed to empowering you to reach your health and well-being goals, no matter how big or small, Leon can help!
Sarah R.
Leon has not only taught me what to do to reach my goals but he challenges me much more than I would challenge myself.
Denise B.
Leon is very focused...his time with me was always focused on me.
Jessica B.

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